Wedding Songs

001When it comes to the music its exactly to your tastes.

We make sure to ask your likes and dislikes beforehand, all the work we do leading up to your day ensures the selection of music played will be best suited and personal to you, your friends and your family.

We provide lists of wedding songs that from our experience we found work the best for audiences of wide age ranges and will have the most guests dancing. This is to give you an idea of what tends to work well although all weddings are completely different which is why it is just a rough guide.

On the day we make sure we have large music collections, ranging through the decades and all the latest chart music. This is so we have the song requests on the night, which are only played to your guidance, discussed in advance.

Music for a wedding reception or ceremony: If you need us throughout the day we can also provide wedding background music custom to your tastes, we will make sure music is to the levels where all guests are happy. We are also able to setup a system for your ceremony with songs to be played for each stage of the ceremony.

Wedding first dance ideas: We also have  a vast selection of first dance song suggestions to give you ideas on what to choose if you are finding it difficult to decide, all the songs in the collection have lyrical content best suited for weddings. You are also more than welcome to choose any wedding songs that are not on our collections these are just simply to help with your decision.



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