DJs For Weddings

We carefully select our DJs for weddings and only have the most exceptional on board, this to ensure your occasion is a complete success, a celebration that friends and family are talking about for months to come.

A few of these characteristics include:


 There are many key factors that make an exceptional wedding DJ and we make sure all our DJs have these important characteristics to ensure your wedding is a complete success.


Our DJs have such a great deal of experience in weddings so they know what works and what doesn’t, keeping guests happy throughout and dance floors filled from start to finish.

Passion for what they do:

The DJs enthusiasm on the night creates the energy in the room and ensures your guests will have the best evening possible. This is even important during the day as the DJs input leading up to the evening also sets the atmosphere and gets your guests in the mood to enjoy themselves.



With likeable personality’s you and your guests can feel comfortable with our DJs, during the wedding and throughout the planning process.
Well presented:

Smart, tidy and presentable. Dressed appropriately in evening attire.

Clearly spoken:

All our DJs speak clearly and in a warm friendly manner and to a level where all guest can hear vital announcements, ensuring they do not miss any key stages of your wedding.

Well equipped:


Our maintained equipment from leading manufacturers ensures reliability. This is a vital key factor as with low quality equipment

CDs can skip, sound quality can diminish/distort and even breakdown. Not only do we use the highest quality equipment but also include backup equipment in the unlikely event of failure.

Mixing and blending:

Our DJs have the ability to fade between songs so there are no pauses, awkward silences or breaks

between songs.

The ability to read the crowd:
Our DJs play music based upon crowd reactions, assessing the crowd and playing music accordingly.


Our DJs for weddings are tested on performance and are 100% reliable. Due to having worked with us for years with 100% reliability you can have complete reassurance.

Our DJ for weddings provide quality & professional announcements so all guests do not miss each key stage to your wedding,  music for all ages so all guests are completely happy and can enjoy themselves to the fullest, a style of DJing that is best suited to you weather you would like the DJ to be interactive or prefer the DJ not to interact on the microphone at all, the wedding DJs will discuss all these details to best suit yourselves. It is important to know all our DJs interact in a highly professional manor very similar to that of a high class bar for instance and will not be intrusive on the microphone.
The wedding DJ is an essential part of the big day as what the DJ says and does can really create the atmosphere so it is important to get this just right.

Our endless comments and praise received from clients is a clear indication of our exceptional high standards, our maintenance of these high standards also ensures the majority of our work to be through returning customers and referrals to guests that have attended the weddings.

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